Why Us

Why Us

Our Mission is to stop the usage of chemical fertilizers and adapt to organic farming, in fact making a healthier world. Krishiv Organic Private Limited has been actively working since 2018 and has impacted 1000s of farmers across the states and has produced quality organic yields of almost all the crops. With our Expertise personals we train and guide farmers from ground level on organic farming, certification and market linkage.

Step-1 :- Renovate our Damaged Soil :- Try to understand what we have lost ?

  • We have lost life in our Soil, that means many helpful micro organisms is no more in our soil and it has happened due to excessive use of acidic chemical fertilizers as inputs. So our land is completely damaged but we can still rectify our mistakes. (Dr.Som) can help us get back more than 300 types of helpful micro organisms to our land by natural way. It will create suitable atmosphere for helpful micro organisms in our land and also provide 13 to 18 nutrients & required gases to the plant in digestive form.

Step-2 :- Balanced Food :- Can any life survive on only medicine without food ?

  •  Every life on this earth need balanced food with all required (13 to 18) nutrients to survive and we are just giving only acidic chemical inputs (medicines) source of N.P.K. This is in chemical form so it is basically artificial food in chemical form, which will damage the biological cycle or the food web in the soil. This is the reason today we are unable to see farmer friend earthworms under the soil.  Dr.Som is balanced food with 13 to 18 required Micro & Macro Nutrients like N.P.K., MG,.CA,.S,.B,.FE,.MO,.ZN,.MN,.CU,.OM, ETC.. After the application of Dr.Som it brings back the life in soil, enhances soil food web and creates a natural environment just like old times.

Step-3 :- Protection from Disease of plant :- Can any life be developed with Healthy Immune system without balanced food?

Healthy immune system will protect from any outside attack of insects, fungus and virus. Dr Som(V.I.P) is the first innovative product which can support the power of immune system of the plants so plant itself can fight against the small outside attack. Dr Som(V.I.P) will be able to stop reproducing of insects by coating of their upper skin. So Dr Som(V.I.P) is able to support & protect from outside attack and save our crop & plants.

The unique concept of Dr.Som provides the following Solutions :-

  •  CONVERTIBILITY OF organic matter from unavailable form to available form to the plants
  • PROTECT PLANTS FROM THE ATTACK OF INSECTS, FUNGUS & VIRUS.                                                 
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Why not go clean, protect soil and the natural life cycle. When you do something good for nature, it will definitely reward you. We have been showing you all positive and practical reports from field level in various regions of Bihar, UttarPradesh and Delhi. We have 1000s of examples of farmers practicing low cost farming techniques, going organic and doing absolutely good in terms of financial growth. 

Organic farming basically means, to stop usage of chemical fertilizers completely and get back all the fertility in the soil. Water soluble fertilizer Dr. Som is a unique liquid, complete alternative of chemical fertilizers which helps you rejuvenate soil rapidly, you don’t have to wait for 2 or 3 years to get back fertility. Organic manure Dr.Som is soil fertilizer, It’s a instant process, where the micro organisms are spread like nuclear all over the farm. So this organic liquid fertilizer along with organic manure provides suitable environment from first tropic level to fifth tropic level so the decomposing mutualists, shredders, predators, Grazers, nematodes, arthropods, healthy bacteria and also higher level predators are mutually benefited in the process. The entire soil food cycle continues, and hence in this process the micro organisms provide adequate micro and macro nutrients to the plants in a natural way. Farmers observe earthworms being developed within few days automatically. This count will increase over time. We all know earthworms compost is the best in the world, so if this is available in soil, why do you have to pay and get compost. Moreover The VAM (Vesicular Aurbuscular Mycorhizal) will be associated symbiotically with root of the plants helps in the greater absorption of phosphorous, water and other important macro and essential micro elements and making them available to the plants in an easily usable organic farm. Besides they are also reported to impart resistance to plants against drought and soil borne fungal pathogens and nematodes. In fact Soil fertilizer such as Dr.Som will control any major diseases. Farmers can start adapting to organic sprays eventually


If the soil is hard, it just means it doesn’t have soil life cycle, completely dependent on human made artificial food. When the soil is hard, there is no Aeration, in such a condition pathogens gets developed. In this kind of environment the plants losses its immunity system and gets easily effected by all kinds of diseases. Now farmers have to spend for deadly chemical spray to get rid of it. This spray not only damage the soil, but also gets into the yield (produce) in smaller quantity, we humans are consuming this residue food. But seriously, we wonder why we are not bothered about food. 

During our research we have observed how the soil properties change after applying of organic liquid fertilizer Dr.Som , it becomes smooth and tender, smell seems to be like the smell of soil just after it rains , the moisture content increases, color changes, and moreover you can easily pick it up with your hand, no need of any tools. This is exactly how all the farms have to be. Due to all these factors, we can observe good Aeration in soil and this will result in root biomass. White roots can also be seen through naked eyes, white roots play a important role in controlling diseases spreading through roots. Most of the diseases are affected through roots, hence having rich root biomass with white roots should be the goals of any successful farmer. This can be achieved by using a complete alternative of chemical fertilizers, an organic manure Dr.Som. Farmers can save the deadly sprays expenses and also adopting to our organic sprays. We have examples of controlling all types of diseases in various plants and different geographical condition.