Why Organic

It is a strategy for farming system which essentially went for developing the land and bringing crops in such a way, as to keep the soil alive and healthy by utilization of natural and other organic materials alongside beneficial microorganisms (biofertilizers to release nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco friendly pollution free environment.


Why Us

Our Mission is to stop the usage of chemical fertilizers and adapt to organic farming, in fact making a healthier world. With our Expertise personals we train and guide farmers from ground level on organic farming, certification and market linkage.


Farmer Requirements

Requirements of Farmers on this Earth:

How to Increase Quantity of Production ?How to Decrease Cost of Farming ?
How to Increase Quality of Product ?
How to Increase Fertility of Land ?
Once in all every farmers are willing to have maximum yield by giving best hygienic & healthy …

Our Services

We At Krishiv Organics Provide Support and Training Regarding Organic farming as well as We Provide Soil Testing Services.

Organic Produce Support & Training

Organic farming technologies are an essential agricultural system which advocates the use of appropriate and affordable farming techniques in improving soil fertility. Fertile land is crucial for sustainable land productivity.


Soil Testing

The purpose of soil testing in high-yield farming is to determine the relative ability of a soil to supply crop nutrients during a particular growing season, to determine lime needs, and for diagnosing problems such as excessive salinity or alkalinity.



We are currently looking for motivated partners to promote and distribute our Panteeny products. We provide all required documents in order to register our products in your state. Please do not hesitate to send us an email if you would like to work with us and sell our products.

We aspire to empower our farmers to organise their farms & Crops.

Globally recognized as one of the leader in Organic Fertilizers, Krishivorganics continues to position itself as a premium national brand. Please have a look of our Production plant Video.


Online Farmer Direct Marketing

Provide Online Facilities for Farmers to Market their Residue Free produces.


Organic Certification Services

Provide Organic Certification to farmers who grow in organic practices.


Krishiv Organic Farming Training

Krishiv Organics is an independent body and have their own curriculum for farm training

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