Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Background & Objectives:We aspire to transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent and sustainable socially-responsible business.

Our main motive is to engage and develop partnerships with  organic farmers, and food systems advocates that are working to improve and transform agricultural systems. We are working to fill knowledge gaps about the health and environmental benefits of organic farming and to increase the viability and sustainability of the Indian agricultural system.

We are empowering consumers to make choices that will improve their health, the health of the environment and the health of their communities through education and outreach, And to serve as a resource for the public, policy makers, scientists, farmers and industry on the science supporting sustainable organic food and farming. Our one of the important goal is to strengthen and expand organic practices and commodities which reduce the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and have clear benefits to human health and the environment.

So we are trying to reach the fundamentals of organic farming by developing some of the important organic fertilizers product which is helpful in growing the fertility of the soil which is degrading day by day due to the use of chemicals. we try to make our soil more fertile by making use of organic fertilizers.

We are working on Top quality Organic Fertilizers Which is essential for the better growth of the crops, vegetables, foods grown from the ground.

Our Products are Made according to the better growth of the crops and also develop the soil fertility.

Our Mission


In the start of 21st Century the world and leaders are getup form there rest and begin arranging meetings on meetings and certainly understand that presently begin protecting the earth otherwise no one can protect us. (SAVE ENVIRONMENT). Yet at the same time this activity and response is resemble a political or business arranged methodology. Since the finish of discourse is dependably that the new innovation or new trials can make How Much and How Better productionin terms of Quantity and Quality. In any case, here emerge two questions

  1. How Much (Quantity): Whether the land is in position to create anything? The appropriate response is Big No. due to chemical fertilizer has effectively ruined everything.
  2. How Better (Quality) : The answer is that utilizing of chemical fertilizer since long time the land is full with compound and hardly damaged and whatever production we are getting from it , it is full of harm full chemicals to the human body.
  • Above passage has a Problem, Complain, Dissatisfaction and Frustration likewise yet it is a reality of today. Be that as it may, it must have some arrangement likewise and I will try my level best. So now will begin comprehend the nature in common way and set up solid association with the nature. Lakhs of years back adimanav has begun cultivating and a large number of years they have done it and take in the new strategies and reach to the new statures of cultivating in common ways. Yet, since most recent 50 years human has left the hand of nature and pick the hand of chemical science and that has harm the dirt exceptionally bad. We have overlooked that the development of chemical science was designed only couple of years back yet nature has finished their 400 Cr. Of years to set up his science and our slip-ups of most recent 50 years has ruined the built up exploration of nature. This is my demand all still we have sufficient energy to re- right our errors. So the first step is required to renovate our land than think about quality or quantity. If land become dead or unproductive than nothing will produce.

Everybody realizes that great climate, enough water, specific fertilizers, appropriate soil, and so on are fundamental needs of cultivating. This is ordinary answer and it is valid. Be that as it may, I adopt scientific approach, similar to each plant require moisture & balanced food to grow better and fast.If you provide this facility to your plants, you will get purely natural grown crops without any artificial hormones or inorganic fertilizer, so it is called natural, organic and pure.

The unique concept of Dr-Som is to make environment more pure and fruitful. Dr-Som is Eco-friendly and does not damage the production of the soil.

We think the entire world is searching for this kind of supporting item in cultivating. So we make our property safe generally after a few years this soil is not able to grow even weed. So this is an ideal opportunity to recondition our ranches so we can give great condition and productive soil to our next generation. If we did not think seriously than our next generation has to pay for this.

Dr-Som help to stop MOSS ( Moisture ) on pores of leaves and stem so when air goes through the plants, openly accessible Nitrogen in the air ( Approx. 72% ) get absorbed quickly leaves and stems according to the necessity of plants, so plants develop quick with healthy condition. Because of Crystallized type of surface, the photosynthesis procedure will act with multi reflection and more measure of light will be given to your plants which are vital to the development of your plants. Due to crystal like pointed hills the moister elasticity breaks and the water is spread on your plants so we get more surface area for soaking water. When fruit launch on plants and we spray this solution on plants, the growth of fruit will increase fast and big. This is the main benefit to the farmer, without applying any chemical fertilizer, get more benefits.

Another common herb extends pores of leaves and stem so when air goes through plants the dampness stored on leaves in type of unadulterated water and microscopic organisms free with resistant power gets absorbed in a split second leaves and stems, so plants develop quick with solid condition. Because of solidified type of surface, the photosynthesis procedure will act with multi reflection and more measure of light will be given to your plants which are imperative to the development of your plants. Because of precious stone like pointed slopes the moister versatility breaks and the water is spread on your plants so we get increasingly surface region for dousing water. At the point when organic product dispatch on plants and we shower this arrangement on plants, the development of natural product will build quick and huge. This is the principle advantage to the agriculturist, without applying any substance manure, get more advantages.